Payot Paris

Established since 1913 and is based in 66 countries such as Australia, Dubai and amazing exotic flagships around the world


PAYOT Solution Techni Liss is the ultimate anti-ageing PAYOT facial! The range combats fine lines and wrinkles leaving you with new, smooth, regenerated skin. This facial includes a 15% glycolique acid peel that will eliminate dead skin cells and hibiscus extract which redensifies the skin. The complexion is left luminous and plumped up £50.00


PAYOT Solution Ultralift is a facial that is great for the mature skin type. It preserves the youth of the skin, erases the sign of time and slows down the aging effect. The ingredient algisium protects from glycation and the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles are dramatically reduced £50.00

Dehydrated / Thirsty Skin

The hydra-experience is the ultimate range for dehydrated skin. This facial is designed to hydrate the epidermis so the skin is replumped, refreshed & luminous. The ingredient Hyaluronic acid intensely hydrates the skin and cornflower extracts sooth the skin… Giving the perfect combination for radiant skin £45.00

Pigmented / Dull Skin (prevents and treats dark spots)

The pure white experience has an instant brightening effect to the skin. It deeply exfoliates and lightens the complexion, favours the cell renewal and prevents dark spots. With ingredients such as; micro particles of rice, lemon peel, vitamin c and much more its got everything you need! Great for pigmentation, dark circles and dull skin £50.00

Combination and Oily Skin

Solution Purete is designed for combination and oily skin. The range deeply cleanses, purifies and balances. The pores are tightened by the use of salicyclic acid and the skin is detoxified by the use of green coffee extract resulting in the illumination of the complexion £45.00

All Skin Types

Solution Cica Expert is a healing and restorative facial for all skin types. A comprehensive treatment with soothing and draining properties followed by a restorative mask with nourishing and regenerating effects. £45.00

Dry Skin

Nutri Solution is a source of nutrients for dry skin. A nourishing enveloping facial to help dry skin regain its original softness and velvety texture. £45.00

All Skin Types

Payot Pick me up awakens the skins radiance for even healthier skin. Essential skin cleansing with minerals. Includes a cleansing massage, tone, exfoliation, mask and moisturise £40.00

For Sensitive and Irritated Skin

Solution Douceur Essentielle re balances and reduces skin redness and irritation. Clients will be submerged in a cocoon of well-being with thyme and lavender, followed by a soft and fresh mask with sesame extracts. £45.00

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