Pigmentation £65.00 per treatment Course of 3 treatments £165.00 saving you £30.00 Course of 5 treatments £280.00 saving you £45.00

The Process
Long term sun exposure decreases the production of collagen, which in turn causes damage to the skin making it feel wrinkled and coarse but also can end up leaving pigmentation / age spots. They both have a inconsistency in melanocytes will give patches of pigmentation that are darker to the ambient skin. These patches of pigment can be treated without affecting the ambient skin colour. The light is absorbed into these patches and the melanocytes are caused to shatter, they break up and dissipate over a period of time.

The benefits
Even skin tone, removal of dark patches and a much clearer complexion

Crystal Microdermabrasion

£40.00 per treatment Course of 5 £185.00 Save £15.00  Course of 10 £350.00 Save £50.00

The Process
The SkinBase™ Microdermabrasion Facial is a progressive rather than aggressive treatment, during which you’ll feel completely relaxed and pampered with no discomfort from the facial.

Over the course of your facial treatments a wand delivering a fine jet of abrasive crystals will be passed over the skin. Dead skin particles will be abraded away and a vacuum action will remove the debris. With each of your subsequent SkinBase™ treatments, the intensity of the facial microdermabrasion can be increased – reaching to deeper layers and successfully removing acne scarring, lifting pigmentation and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

The Benefits
As a non-surgical method of skin rejuvenation, crystal microdermabrasion is quick, convenient and painless, immediately restoring your skin without the need for chemicals.

The huge number of benefits is what makes crystal microdermabrasion such a popular treatment.

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