Milk Peel

Single Peel £40.00 Course of 6 £300.00 Includes 1 FREE

Clarity is one of the most important aspects of beautiful, glowing skin. The daily grind depletes your skin of this vital quality. That’s where the Milk Peel comes in. It lightens dull and lifeless skin; and clears the complexion of pigmented spots and blemishes.

It is ideal for maintaining healthy skin, tackling early signs of sun damage, age spots, dilated pores, unbalanced texture, dryness and fine lines. It is highly recommended for oily skin or acne-prone skin as well. With its gentle, yet quietly effective action, the Milk Peel has also been used, with highly satisfactory results, for reduction of wrinkles, dull complexion, stimulation of the epidermal, oil regulation, spot treatment and an overall smoother effect for softer skin.

Patch test required.

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