3D Lipo Reviews

“After pregnancy my waist was100cm my size was 16, I was overweight. I was aware of things such as liposuction but they have risks and I couldn’t afford the downtime. This non-invasive option was attractive because it’s risk-free. During the session, the therapist used a sucking hand-piece a few inches in diameter. It felt warm and tingled a bit.

The skin tightening is done with a separate handpiece, and is very gentle. The result was like a magic trick. After 3session I was 2.5in smaller round the middle. Since having the procedure I was squeezing back into my old size 10 trousers for a while so after 8 sessions I lost 1stone and down to a size 10. I recommend it.”

“I had started training back at the gym again but unfortunately the weight gain on my stomach was getting really hard to shift. My girlfriend had heard about 3D-Lipo and said I should give it a go. Originally I was a bit negative towards the idea, but I thought I might as well give it a go. I have to say I am really glad I did. Combining 3D-lipo and my training has given me a really good result would definitely recommend!”

“I had a really bad problem with cellulite on the backs of my thighs and bum and had tried exercise to help shift it, started drinking lots of water and used all of the latest creams on the market but nothing worked. I had a course of 8 sessions of 3d-lipo the appearance is so much better normally I dread the summer and the idea of wearing shorts but this year is going to be different. am really pleased and would happily recommend.”

“I had a really small stubborn fat pocket on my lower abdomen which im sure was caused by my alcohol consumption as everywhere else I was fine. I was recommended by the consultant to have a fat freezing session so I did and for me it was the best decision. I no longer have to worry about the over hang over my jeans and can feel comfortable in my shirts.”

“I was constantly obsessed with my bingo wings to the point I couldn’t wear any thing sleeveless. It was getting ridiculous so I decided to invest in 3D-lipo as I couldn’t continue the way I was going. I have completed one course of treatments and the results have been really good. I can see a large improvement and I am due to start my second course to achieve the final result that I want. I have to say I would strongly recommend this to anyone who is in a similar position to myself as it as made a big difference to my lifestyle”

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